Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Planking? Have the Guts?

Salam and hi all,

   Planking? Ever heard the term before? This is new, cool thing for me as I encountered about it in The Star this morning. It's plank not prank! People are lying down, face down, hands at the sides, legs straight out and forehead touching the ground and doing nothing! Cool right? You actually can even lie anywhere as you please. Perhaps you can practise planking while waiting for your turn at the bank or post office (If it's crowded, you will be dead! Hahaha!). If you want to be a PLANKER (that's what they call those who have this incredible courage to lie in public), you just do planking and ask your friend to capture your picture doing it and post the picture to any social networking sites such Facebook and Twitter! Then, you can be called as PLANKER! Nice huh?

   In conclusion, do this remarkable activity with your family members and tell others how it does feel because you have to experience something first before you condemn it. Do not prejudge something that you are not sure! Try first then it's up to you to condemn or to praise! Till then, adios!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Common Grammar Mistakes Done by Students?

Salam and hi all,

  New semester, new spirit and new plan for my students! Today I would like to share some common grammar mistakes done by my students that I encountered when marking their papers last month. The mistakes are:

Friday, 10 June 2011

Boutique Cafe?

Salam and hi all,

  I celebrated my birthday at Boutique Cafe at Pantai Cenang, Langkawi with my family and not to forget Fadhil and his twin brother, Jeff. I ordered prawn cocktail and the three guys ordered special oblong (Setakat nak makan oblong, depan umah pon ada!). Then, plain water for me, chocolate ice blended for Fadhil, Cappuccino blended for Jeff and Bandung longan for my husband. 

Thursday, 9 June 2011

No Birthday Card on Birthday?

Salam and hi all,

   When I was small, I would buy card for my friends on their birthdays. If he or she is special, I would buy a card with music and that is how I celebrated my friends' birthdays and showed them how much I cared and loved them. Sadly today, we no longer could see birthday cards on birthday. With the technology developed, we can just call, SMS or even post on someone's wall on Facebook. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Alahai Jijah! by Dihsar Ludba Haqifa!

Salam and hi all,

   Reading a novel is not my passion. Since this novel is written by someone close to me, I took the effort to read it. When I flipped a few first pages, I started to adore the characters especially Jijah and Sodah. They were best friends yet the way they talked to each other is more like they were fighting and arguing because the words that they used when talking were quite harsh. That is the uniqueness of this novel. The story plot is simple yet meaningful. You can get a lot of moral lessons (oppss...moral values! I heard this term from an English teacher) and a lot of funny dialogues. 

Monday, 6 June 2011

It's like comparing Prada and Bata shoes?

Salam and hi all,

   When I experienced Fireflyz for the first time, I was quite shocked when realising that the landing and take off were not that smooth. Then, I said to myself, "Fokker... that's why.." Yet, the stewardesses were very sexy and beautiful and quite old as I could see the wrinkles on their faces. Huhuhu... Then, another thing, Fireflyz's airport tax is quite costly compared to other airlines system. It's RM45 and even though the flight ticket is quite cheap; RM68.95 from Penang to KL, yet you still have to pay RM100 something for a one-way ticket as the airport tax is that much. 


Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Memorable Trip to KB!

Salam and hi all,

    Exhausted! The exact word to describe me now. I just came back from a trip. Me and my family went to Kelantan to attend my cousins' weddings. The theme colours were purple and beige. Nice right? The saddest thing is I didn't manage to capture any pictures! :(