Wednesday, 7 December 2011

:: Beruno by Dihsar Ludba Haqifa ::

Hi everybody!

     Today I want to talk about this tremendous novel authored by Dihsar Ludba Haqifa called Beruno. I read this novel when I was in my room at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Ipoh attending a conference for SBP-MRSM teachers. This is the second novel by the simple yet talented author.

     Let's review this novel. It is totally different from her first novel which is Alahai Jijah! Alahai Jijah is humorous but this novel is quite serious. The language used is also quite 'skema' but the story plot is not disappointing. The story centres a boy who just moved to a isolated village with his parents and there was a secret hidden in the village. What is the secret? Read it to find the answer!

     Okay, I think that is all for Beruno. I don't want to comment a lot about it because I don't want to kill the excitement reading it! Thank you and Audious!

:: New Year, New Project ::

Hi everybody!
    It has been quite a long time I haven't updated my blog. Counting the days makes us realise that 2011 is leaving us and we have to welcome 2012!

    Okay, new year means new project. Frankly saying, I don't have any specific resolution for this upcoming year because for me, I believe having a resolution without any action is useless. So, that is why for this coming new year, I am working on a project with my three other friends and we really hope that this project would come out as planned. I will not tell you what the project is because I am afraid this project will not be as what we have planned. So, wait and see and I will tell you when the time has come.

     So, I will tell you more about my project later and pray for our success as ALLAH SWT likes those who work hard to achieve what they want in life! Till we meet again. Adious!