Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Digital stories for literary texts - Mr. Nobody

Hi everyone.

This is a video that I created when I went for a course on Digital Stories at ELTC Bandar Enstek Nilai. It is about Mr. Nobody. Enjoy watching!

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Pain by Adam Harith

     I looked at all the wires and tubes attached to Rob's body. He was just a ten-year-old child but he knew more pain than any other adults and spent half of those years in hospital surrounded by men in white and women in green; not his toys, not his siblings.

     I always asked myself why I did not let him go. I kept holding to him, keeping him alive, praying for medical miracle to happen, to return him to normal life of a child; where he could fall, bruise himself and where he could eat all the candies and chocolates. He would never experience those as from the day he was born, he was diagnosed with an immune system that was not immune to the environment.

     Any sudden change in weather would send him into coughing spasms. Any vigorous outdoor activity would leave him gasping for breath and even turning blue. Any childhood treat would result in vomitting and stomach cramps.

     Specialists in every discipline of medical science had examined and tested him. He was like a guinea pig to them. They could find really nothing wrong with Rob. He was as healthy as a normal child but his reactions towards environment and food were mysterious and unexplainable. Medical specialists were baffled.

     A psychiatrist once had the audacity to suggest that it was all in his brain and decided to implant a computer chip inside his brain and programme it to react positively towards food and environment. It went well at the beginning and I was deliriously happy. However, the effect was short term and the whole medical routine had to start all over again. Newer and more sophisticated chips were planted in his brain but whatever effect was not permanent.

     Rob in his agony and fear often asked me why he was different, why he was not allowed to play, run and jump like other children and why he was not allowed to eat anything he wanted. I had no answer to give him or words to comfort him.

     Life was a struggle, life was lonely. He had no friends. Even if he had, they had to visit him in the hospital wearing face mask and white attire. At first, it might be a thrill for them but it ended up to be something tiring and not fun as there were no toys or delicious candies to entertain them. It was an alien world for them.

     Sometimes, when Rob was at home, he would look into the garden watching his friends playing through the window. He was no longer envious to them. Although he was jailed in his air-conditioned, empty room, he was there with them in spirit.

     Then, one day, during one of those unlucky days, a careless maid had left a window opened. Rob was seriously ill. He was rushed to the ICU.
    "Thank you dad for giving me the best years of my life."

     He smiled and closed his eyes. He lay quietly and peacefully as if he was sleeping for the rest of his life. I could not drop a tear as this moment was the moment I had waited for so long. The moment when his suffer ended. His spirit remained in me. He taught me never surrender, never give up. Slowly, I could accept his absence, the loneliness that I felt. Finally, I could move on with my life.

Written by: Adam Harith Azlan
Edited by: Madam Ainaa

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mini Puppet Show

Hi all!
It has been a long time this blog is not updated. As for today, I want to share with all of you my mini puppet theater that I did for my Form 1 kids as we will have mini puppet show next week. It is very easy to create this cool theater as it is small and convenient to be brought to the class.

All you need is a box. The yellow A4 box, actually. If you look at the picture that I post here, I bet you can figure out how I created it. Do not forget to cut the bottom of the box so that the students will be able to put their hands out of the box when they perform the puppet show. Decorate your box so that it looks more interesting.

For the puppets, all you need is just a pair of socks. If you want to make the socks more catchy, you can add buttons or beads to them. For me, to save my budget, I just use coloured papers and newspapers and it is up to our creativity to decorate the socks. I believe less is more, by the way.

Finally, you can have your mini puppet show for your lesson especially for English, History and even Science. Students will get more excited in the class and they can explore new things too. Do try out and share with me! Till then, adious!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Hi everybody!

This time I would like to talk about my cuti-cuti Malaysia with my family! It was a great time as we went to many places around northern area. First of all, we went to Ladang Anggur Tasik Beris, Sik, Kedah. Actually there are two grapes ochards in northern area, Tasik Beris, Sik and Sungai Batu Pahat, Perlis. We really had an enjoyable time there. We captured pictures and not to forget we managed to drink pure grape juice. YUMMY!

Then, the second place that we visited is Taiping Zoo. Unfortunately, there were not many animals like before. The entrance fee is quite expensive. I still remember when I went there 5 years ago, the fee was only rm10 per person. Now, it is rm16. Very expensive! We rode a mini train to get around the zoo. It was quite fun because that was the first time I took a train in the zoo. Huhuhu. We photographed our sweet moments there and after that we went to Kuala Sepetang to eat Mi Udang. We chose Kedai Mak Jah as last time we tried Kedai Mak Teh. If I could compare both restaurants, Kedai Mak Teh is much much better than Kedai Mak Jah. Kedai Mak Jah is expensive and the food is not that delicious.

Other than that, we went to Tok's house and Tesco extra Seberang Jaya. Will update more with more great news! Till then, see you in the next entry! Buhbye!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Singapore Trip 2013!

Hi all,

For this post, I would like to tell about our Singapore trip. We went there by bus and the first place that we went was Universal Studio Singapore. We had a great time there but me and my husband did not get chance to play all the games there as we brought our kids along. We would like to go there again to play all the games without bringing those little precious of ours.

Then, we had our lunch at Madagascar Cafe in the USS. The food was quite nice. If we don't convert the amount that we paid for the food, it is actually quite affordable. After that we continued playing the games until 630pm.

After that, we were brought to watch Song of the Sea show. The show was just okay for us as we have watched something greater than this. After that, we went to the hotel for rest. We checked in at Hotel 81 Orchid at Geylang area.

On the next day, we checked out at 9 a.m and we were brought for city tour. We went to Malayan Park for some photo sessions with the lion, the symbol of Singapore. Next, we went to Singapore Flyer which is a giant ferris wheel. There we captured a lot of pictures too. After that, we went to Bugis Street for shopping. We bought a lot of souvenirs for our relatives and friends. We bought keychains, fridge magnets, tshirts and a watch for me! The street was extremely busy and we really had difficulty to move around.

Next, we went back to Malaysia by bus and we left Singapore around 7 p.m. We arrived at Sungai Buloh R&R at 1.00 a.m. My brother fetched us there and we left KL at 4 a.m. and we arrived Kulim at 8.00 a.m. Everyone was exhausted and is still exhausted but we really had a blast! This trip indeed is an awesome trip ever!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Program Transformasi Minda Sesi 1/2013

    Salam. I have just installed Blogger in my smartphone. So, I can update my blog anytime anywhere. I have just come back from PTM at ILKM Jawi and OBS Lumut. The course was great as I have learnt a lot from the activities done. We 'kayak'ed from Lumut to Pangkor, I overcame my fear of height by completing rope course, we sold local products to local people, we went to Juvenile school, we played paintball and we had gotong royong at Masjid Permatang Pasir. Those activities really motivated me and taught me that if I believe in myself, surely I can do it!

     The best thing is we won the best group and I love my group, lucky no 10. Till then, see you in the next entry.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

GRAMULA (Grammar Formula)!

Hi all!
  It has been ages! Wow! I should update my blog more frequent after this as I have so many projects in my mind! Now, I am working on GRAMULA, a handy notebook which consists of formula of grammar. This idea was presented during SEM Innofest 2013 by my students, Noraini and Syafira. The judges loved the idea and they wanted it to be published! Alhamdulillah. So, I am still working on it and trying to publish GRAMULA by next year! Pray for me!

So, help me to improve this!
I really hope this can help my students remember the pattern of English grammar.
Zero grammar mistakes!