Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mini Puppet Show

Hi all!
It has been a long time this blog is not updated. As for today, I want to share with all of you my mini puppet theater that I did for my Form 1 kids as we will have mini puppet show next week. It is very easy to create this cool theater as it is small and convenient to be brought to the class.

All you need is a box. The yellow A4 box, actually. If you look at the picture that I post here, I bet you can figure out how I created it. Do not forget to cut the bottom of the box so that the students will be able to put their hands out of the box when they perform the puppet show. Decorate your box so that it looks more interesting.

For the puppets, all you need is just a pair of socks. If you want to make the socks more catchy, you can add buttons or beads to them. For me, to save my budget, I just use coloured papers and newspapers and it is up to our creativity to decorate the socks. I believe less is more, by the way.

Finally, you can have your mini puppet show for your lesson especially for English, History and even Science. Students will get more excited in the class and they can explore new things too. Do try out and share with me! Till then, adious!

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